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Singapore's Best Hotel : Raffles Hotel Courtyard Suite

Recently I spent 2 nights at the hauntingly beautiful Raffles Hotel. Its the oldest and most classic hotel in Singapore, 133 years old and counting.

I have such a love-hate relationship with colonial architecture. On one hand, its undeniably luxurious; jade columns, marble floors, teak furniture. But I can't shake the feeling that we put these things on a pedestal because of our violent and bloody colonial past.

Breakfast is such a spread! I really recommend having their high tea set in the main lobby too (you don't need to be a hotel guest to have tea there. Book in advance to get a slot)

Things to do:

Visit the War Memorial at night

Go for a walk. The colonial architecture is so hauntingly beautiful

Go for high tea if you have the time (although I found the Fullerton Hotel high tea more value for money)

Check out the Gym or Pool, with cover-19, you have to book these things EARLY. Please remember to check in online and book your slots ASAP

They have a free historical tour but please call in advance to book your slot

Its walking distance from a lot of great places : There are romantic restaurants at Ann Siang for dinner, and it's nice to stroll around the Singapore River at night.

Id recommend this hotel for couples, not for kids.

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