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Permanent Hair Removal at JapanIPL!

<<I wasn’t asked to to write this, although I do receive free JapanIPL “shots” through my referral code, and pay for the balance (My customer code is 120763 and it gets new customers 40 free shots) >>

So as you guys know, I’m 8 months into my hair removal treatment at JapanIPL! I get lots of questions, so here are the most common...

What do you get done?

I get permanent hair removal on my :




And whitening on my :




it takes me around 350 shots / session

What’s it like? Does it hurt?

You’ll hear the sound of a flash go off, see a bright light, and feel some heat. I previously did hair removal with another place, and that one had a stinging sensation around sensitive areas (kinda like a rubber band being snapped on your asshole). I think it depends on the place / machine/ area.

How many sessions did it take you?

It took me 3 months to see a difference. At 8 months I have a little bit of hair, but I don’t need to shave it off between sessions.

The facial also works really well! My skin is a little drier but without hair on my face I don't get as many little bumps on it

Why JapanIPL?

I chose them for the whitening option. Most salons will bill you differently for an IPL facial, which doesn’t make sense to me. Here, they charge by shot so I know what I’m getting.

I love the no-appointments system. I can just walk in anytime and there’s no queue if you go off peak!!!! THE NO APPOINTMENT SYSTEM IS THE BEST THING EVER.

be wary of packages because those tend to be oversold, and you end up waiting weeks of an appointment (that was my experience, at least)

Hope this helps you! Feel free to ask me any qns on IG and I’ll try to answer them


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